Lemonade Stand Restaurant


Who We Are

The Lemonade Stand Restaurant is a mission-based, for profit restaurant. Our mission is developing and retaining talent in the Quad CIty region. We will do that with “Project Turn Key”. The phrase “Turn key” means ready to go. We have created a space that will give an opportunity to our Turn Key Operators to help get their vision ready to go. We are looking for individuals looking to expand their business or culinary skills. There will be frequent opportunities to showcase your own ideas and/or recipes throughout the internship while experiencing the full spectrum of the challenging day to day opportunities and responsibilities of a restaurant operator. Each person that joins the project will be asked to work Interdependently with other Turn Key Operators. They will also be learning how to execute daily decisions of a small business owner and developing problem-solving skills in real time.


Turn-Key Operator

Paid Restaurant Operator Intern

Learning how to execute day to day responsibilities of a small business and development problem-solving skills in real time.

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